Retail Property Management Brisbane

Your commercial property manager should have industry knowledge,
good communication and analytical skills. We possess these at Barrington & Co.

Your investment’s growth and security can’t be prospered without knowledge of the rental and capital transaction markets. A regular review of return on investment is essential to make the right decisions on refurbishment and/or expansion, hold or sell.

To our new property management clients – we will complete an assessment of market value and calculate return on investment for you absolutely FREE!

Minimising insurance claims is an absolute must. Systems should be in place to eliminate or minimise the likelihood of incidents that could give rise to claims under Workplace Health and Safety.

If you have retail property, your manager should be totally familiar with the requirements of the Retail Shop Leases Act.

Property Management has distinct functions. These are administration and facilities management.

Property Administration addresses the financial obligations of each of the parties to the lease and the events, and timing thereof that vary them.

Facilities Management addresses the building’s physical condition and functioning of its services.

Asset Management is a combination of the above and a third aspect – the health and wellbeing of your investment.

Barrington & Co is a commercial property manager based in Brisbane. Our experience extends across:

  • Retail Centre Property Management
  • Medical Centre Property Management
  • Office Building Property Management
  • Industrial Property Management
Property Management Functions
Administration Management


  • Invoicing for rent and outgoings and collection
  • Payment of contractor invoices
  • Reporting to landlord


  • Annual report to landlord
  • Preparation of annual income and outgoings reconciliation reports and audit statements
  • Insurance renewals
  • Government compliance fulfilment
  • Implementation of annual rent review


  • Tenancy mix
  • Marketing
  • Approval of tenant alterations
  • Lease administration
  • Exercise of options in accordance with the lease
  • Make good on lease termination
  • Bi-annual review of building insurance cover

Lease Administration – review and note

  • Landlord’s obligations
  • Tenant’s obligations
  • Confirm lease requirement for Security Deposit or Bank Guarantee and record where held
  • Respective tenants’ Outgoings Proportion
  • Assignment provisions of the lease
  • Sub-lease provisions of the lease
  • Incentives provided (if any) by the lease
Facility Management


  • Routine repairs and maintenance
  • Unexpected repair – response within one hour – coordinate contractors
  • Insurance claims
  • Regular inspections
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Emergency call-out attendance 24/7
  • Annual review and renewal of maintenance contracts for the following:
  • Fire, Lifts, Air-conditioning, Gardening, Testing Certification, Cleaning, Washroom & Hygiene, Waste Removal, Pest Control
  • New leases with existing tenants or new tenants
  • Relocations
  • Recovery procedures
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property development, including refurbishment and extension
  • Market rent review negotiations
  • Changes to leased area, terms or conditions
  • Rental determinations
  • Booking keeping and BAS returns

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